Sunday, 18 March 2018

A shard or two remaining of what was the greatest blog ever.

正教会の智 Brian Akira Archive: Archive List: I believe that Brian Akira - 正教会の智 - has it right about what is wrong with the world. Sadly, his blog was...

Let's face it, he was usually as comforting as being shot in the groin with a rusted razor wire sabot tampon dipped in Jeyes fluid, but he was bang on target target.

Bayou Renaissance Man: Saab's GlobalEye: an example of too many military...

Smells like a Talpiot platform to me.

Bayou Renaissance Man: Saab's GlobalEye: an example of too many military...: Saab

Which bit about never park an inhabited commercial platform in the kill space don't these clowns get?

Anyway since we are talking Scandalnavians, which bit about Norway denuding its defence capabilities circa 1935 to welcome the Reds over the border, don't the Europeans get about

Permanent Structured Cooperation on Security and Defence.

Soros will import anything he wants, in the numbers he wants, into any part of Europe he is instructed to shit on. So much for the job opportunities programme with guns called defence!!

When was the last time any European armed forces actually defeated anyone else apart from Gladioing their own Abos?

So let us see. Soros, a SMERSH/Blofeld analogue, never got James Bonded, NATO bombs defenceless civilians, ALWAYS, Europe is just an ornamental garden for Rothschild and its bosses and the UK is simply a safe haven for thieves, religiofreeks and war criminals to die in peace, so long as they bring enough pieces of 8.

All UKplc ever does is starve the world!!!

Go on phukkwitz, prove me wrong.


Sunday, 11 March 2018

SNAFU!: Graham comes out in support of Trump on N. Korea.....

SNAFU!: Graham comes out in support of Trump on N. Korea.....: Thanks to Nico for the link! Wow. So Graham (and we can assume McCain) support Trump on N. Korea.  In essence Neo-Cons are supporting...

2020, by then the delayed body count clock stalled at 1945 will be kick started again.


My erse!!

Why do you think that NZ South Island and Patagonia are crawling with refugees from the RCE/TA firebase?

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Take all the BAe/LM 1990s marketing bollox and.......

China Defense Blog: CNTV capture of the day: A new J-31 prototype at ...: ID:weihutang_cntv just shared the following TV news screen captures of a newly constructed J-31 prototype rolling out at Shenyang aircraft ...

......put PLAAF in place of USAF/USMC/USN every time you read a NATO MLA. The only difference here is that BAe/LM/Boeing/P&W/GE were only involved in trafficking the technology to the new bankstercowboys, No destruction of TACAir for the Chicomms. Oh no.

In the olden days Ye Olde Traitors only opened the city gates during the night watch. These days they do it with full on HD MSM coverage and massive rewards and kudos.

Rope time!


Saturday, 3 March 2018

Always open for home visits.......

SNAFU!: Teacher tried to create 'army of children' to laun...

SNAFU!: Teacher tried to create 'army of children' to laun...: via Reuters. Umar Haque, 25, showed the children beheading videos and other violent militant propaganda, forced them to re-enact deadly a...

You have got to be shitting me if you think that this was in some way subversive of the British State.

The OWO plan needs this kind of plot-a-lots to run mission missions and messianic missing massacres in Africa and Russia.

The constant in all the phukkwittery coming from London Zentral this passed 500 years is engineered destruction of human development and potential on behalf of the half formed mentally arrested stone aged missioncreeps, sprituallybereftaborted number worshippingmoneymongs and vacuousmonomentalistastasiskypilot and numismaticworshippingpnematicAbrahamicbarbarics.

Diverse people of the book rebound and pulped.


Monday, 7 August 2017

Are you on duty tonight

...or are you awaiting orders to execute the dead?

If you had placed an ordnung for Czech armour plate to protect your new armoured fleet carriers, carriers designed to protect your Rickets infested shithoused country, for why......

.....would you have been surprised by Czech 235 in the face at Olympic?

The Olympic terminus, where 30 years worth of recompounded white Yanks were to die. Retested at Bikini.

No wonder Blair had hid out in Jura for a spastic Burma railway children moment. Not enough dead Yanks yet.

Angie; you better be heads up baby.

No roadside burial here, no waters from above.

Wherever Hekate plays; children burn in Ba'al's belly.

Towers for Creosssidic fire baby.