Friday, 5 August 2016

AuDolphincucked Dork.

Oh shit this gets better.

Shuvon of the antipodal hair unit turns up now……

……go to circa 1:36:55.

AuS “……you and I will not exist one day to defend the poor backward peoples in their own countries, such as Palestine…..”

Oh dear.

As long term readers will know I have one question for the wandering slave traffickers that infest those shores. When did you lot, when you were part of the great centre of civilisation, ever protest and try to stop the slaving of endless floods of white women and children. Millions and millions of European slaves traded through your stinking ports.

All that has happened is that a fitter team, trained in the Pale, has moved in to take over the business at RCE/TA since 1919.

K and AuS are Simpphukkwitz. Stop tossing your kabbalahsigrunes you khaaants.

The sooner that Levant is a smoking shitheap the better.

Bring it on.

BTW K and AuS what was the proportion of white persons on Earth c1000AD.


Die in the hair style products of your mind.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Dolphincucked Dork.

Phokkmee the Sanheeeeddrin will give this guy a Robert Maxwellian burial for services to the Apiru via a Chabaddee storm front. All you need to do is listen long enough and then you get the key to their phekkwittereee.

I love his resume. Psychology and theatre from a stable somewhere in the NuPale.

And I quote. From around 1:20:45.

CG“….my area code, that is funny”

K“So..ah..if Hitler was put in to destroy Germany? I don’t understand why he would build it up? Because it was already destroyed. The Weimar republic was an absolute shambles……”

Now there is only one conclusion we can have here.

K should not be allowed words; for he is unable to use them.

The retardedfuhrerprinzipcuckedphukkwitz.

CG will get a Rohmian Papa Theodor stab in the back with a bented schuledagger soon if he is not careful.

Now I know why our Dumnonian friend got picked up.


Do I hear silicon pickin’ shepherd pipes in the valley?

Monday, 1 August 2016

The dohyo is silenced.

We will be quiet for some time.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Well that is another July gone Winter.

I didn’t even get to enjoy May as I would have liked and July has gone. I will have to call a month’s hiatus to the execution of the July hiatus since the pages are multiplying.

As Thomas Sheridan, at side bar dragon, says; it is the artists that are the most dangerous and will get culled first. What he knows and didn’t say is that they will die in green housed exploration. It is a measure of the weapon system weakness that such a gargantuan amount of treasure was thrown at the artists in the midst of the paucity of the Apiru power, confirming his thesis. The iGreen grown non viable artists are removed now and only kheech remains.

However the poets of deep resonance reconnaissance are moving fast with high velocity pharmacy delivered in stasis.

I’d love Mark Devlin, over  dread&TT, to wander into the period when the Apiru raised their horns and write his next book about the vacancies.

Anyway here are some of my favourites from the days when I didn’t know I was already weit Aufklärung and was not coming back. Oh yes. That early.

Oh yes. Could not resist it.

August, apart from trying to comment on the stoker article forwarded from earlier today, really will be quite quiet. Catchup and ketchup time.

Now slip on the bracken phones, pour a fine blend, nose slowly, sippistenjoy the peat and the murk.

Whilst listening at the Spitfire list always bear in mind the angloApiru. 


Have a sniff at my wordpiss shop.

I would invite you to have a gawk at the stoker and consider a little further what has been said at the source as well as my very brief commentary.

If my suspicions are correct then we should be able to deconstruct, reverse engineer and eradicate a petrified case of massive intergenerational intentional genocidal arrested development.

I concur with Tsarion's statement that the human race was massively traumatised aoens ago.

Anyway I will get back to this in parts over the next few days during breaks in the infinite page turning.

Hopefully to make my thoughts clearer on what the ladies have helped cohere.

Friday, 29 July 2016

SNAFU!: Israeli opinion on the F-35? We should not take t...

SNAFU!: Israeli opinion on the F-35? We should not take t...: Many thanks to Gil for the link! via Jerusalem Post. Given the obvious problems with the aid program currently being proposed by the ...

Man; this has been coming for over 10 years now. There will be ChiComm Js of some sort flying with the IDF very, very soon. And if you think that is going to change things for Gaza forget it. Oh and as predicted here the harem curtain has descended across the Med.

So fucking obvious and yet it is all quelle surprise in the Milblogs and skunk tanks. FFS.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Swift currants.

As I stood in the garden just now, gazing and trying to clear my focus, I realised they’d gone, again. Hundreds of pages in and thousands to go, I was clearing the air, as it were, after a miserable morning here in the drizzled smoke. Silence.

I was scanning up at the traffic, the usual beacon twirlers and inbound, the spy in the sky sniffing to assist social media assassins and for what knows since I have not seen anyone arrested but thousands aided, all the traffic that has amused my eye since I was a lad way back when, far, far away staring up and the Red Arrows, in a tight vic, formating on their logistics, Victor if I remember correctly, and they flew right over my back garden at approx 30,000ft direct from showing the Norte Americanos how you really navigate the air. I had watched them as they came over the horizon, stark white contrails upon the sky. I watched them head south west as far as I could and then it was back to clocking German/Dutch F104s pissing around Prestwick. Well I might have been a tad awe struck that they were right over my lawn and the altitude might have gone to my head  but they were there alrighty. In formation, high in the beautiful, like PRU blue, only red.

About 3pm I was standing there beside my concrete owl, I call it Moloch just to phukkoph the gods, wondering at the silence above. Nothing outbound from Heathrow. No Elstree heroes. No black helicopters overhearing. No MiHiSkipilots. De nada.

Only yesterday they put on a marvellous unusual low level display like Hurricanes and Gnats loading up, testing the free air, screeing, careening and scooting around the eves, tree and chimney tops, round and around, whole groups of them, wing tip stalls, cartwheels and yo-yos everywhere. Lead and lag, hover and fall, all in majestic control. A thermodynamic symphonia in feather. Occasionally one of them would cling to the looming school building wall, at some vent points, for a breather I assume. This was in contrast to the normal display hundreds of feet in the air. They were skimming and sliding, pulling manoeuvres that Immelman and Boelcke only dreamed of, almost within my grasp.  I wanted to reach up and catch some of their magic that I might be transported away into their joy.

I have counted them all out and I have counted them all back over their many, many generations knowing this day would come again.

I love them and I stood and watched and was transfixed.   

Today as I was checking the tayberries, blackcurrants, blackberries, raspberries and my orphaned blue berries I was stunned by the silence around a Northolt rendition flight.

They’ve gone.

Sadness surrounds, summer is over.

All gone. I cannot be more rent.